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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Kingdom Plots

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PostSubject: Kingdom Plots   Kingdom Plots I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 11:56 pm

Ruled by Citra Kusuma, Earth Citizen (NPC)
In an attempt to keep up with the ever advancing politics of the world, Sera has chosen a young man to take the place as King. However, it is quite obvious Citra Kusuma ia in no way made to be a leader. Ever since he became King, the rice trade with Unda has been attacked by pirates, the humanitarian trip to Terra has lost all funding, and, worst of all, the tensions with Ignis have just grown. After seeing what a single King has done to their lands, half the people in Sera wish to return to a council of rulers and increase the funding and manpower for the search of the Relic to gain power in the changing world while the other looks to assassinate the King and place their own in the new throne. Sera is at the brink of Civil War and it's only a matter of time before one side takes action.

Ruled by Nicolas Regan, Wind Master (NPC)
The Kingdom of Ventus has a very well established line of Kings and Queens who rule from the High Place which sits upon the only true mountain in the Kingdom. Surrounding the current King of Ventus, Nicolas Regan, are members of the Ventus Brotherhood. For the past two ages, families have been sending their firstborn children to be trained with the Brotherhood for it is these Brothers (both men and women) that serve as guards and in place of any standing army. Essentially assassins that move with the wind, not all survive their rigorous training process but those that do are deadly and protect their true secret til death -- that they are the Loners that have come so close to finding the relic. However, the tradition of sending the firstborn is not always followed in the recent years, and the number of Brothers is dropping steadily, especially since Ventus is sending Brothers to protect the neighboring Kingdom of Valetudo from the advancing Glacies. Many believe they should leave Valetudo on their own and worry about themselves, but the King sitting upon his mountain stretches his own people thin to protect people that are not his own.

Ruled by Eufenia Ilda, Health Master (NPC)
Valetudo has always been valued across Carista for having the best medical treatments and facilities in the entire world. The long line of kings and queens that have descended to control this proud country have always cared more for their own nation than foreign politics, and remained out of wars in most cases. But now, with the oppressing presence of a Glacies invasion looming overhead, the kingdom has begun to recruit a military from the ranks of both former guards and young men looking to defend their homes. And, as the invasion fleet gets ever closer to raiding the shoreline of this proud nation, Queen Eufenia Ilda is considering the gruesome possibility of a loss in battle, and the once proud leader has begun to cower down from her family’s spot as ruler. Even with the great brotherhood of assassins from Ventus coming to the Queen’s aid, a victory in Valetudo’s first battle in ages seems less and less possible -- unless the Relic is found and placed in their Queen's hands.

Ruled by Chun Qing, Earth Grand Master (NPC)
After the recent war with the kingdom of Ignis, the thin passageway between northern and southern Terra has been scorched to a crisp, with no life possible anymore there. After such a serious loss, and the bad happenings of Sera with their new king lately, the grand kingdom that was once viewed to be the strongest has now started to come to its knees. Due to the failure of the humanitarian trips from Sera that would have healed the passageway, the capitol Ramkarn is stranded from its populous in the northern part of the continent, and without the regular shipments that came from the ports on the lower northern area, soon it will be impossible for Ramkarn to supply themselves. Only a few of the bravest members of King Chun Qing’s army have gone off to secure a route from the capitol to the population centers of the north in this dire time for Terra. And yet, through the tough times, all the people here believe that the Relic is only a rock away -- for Terra was the beginning of the elements.

Ruled by Julianna Kristia, Fire Apprentice (NPC)
With the war against the kingdom of Terra finally brought to peace, the Ignis have gone back to being the most famous, and one of the youngest, kingdoms in Carista. Queen Julianna Kristia has once more given back the production of the nation to society, and finally released the enlisted army with their promised reward for service in the war. But the ever omnipresent Queen has begun to get bad views from the populous. Rumors have spread that she only declared war because of an old grudge and the urge to defeat the Loners and keep them from getting the Relic and that the terrorist attacks were actually by Ignis guards, not Terra soldiers. Now, with a rebellion forming not so quietly on the horizon, you can’t really be sure if the Queen is on your side or not.

Ruled by Amélie Durant, Water Citizen (NPC)
For ages and ages past, the collective Kingdoms of Unda have controlled any and all trade that passed through the oceans. However, when Glacies finally split from the collective Kingdoms nearly thirty years ago to become a Kingdom of and own their on terms, the Collective Unda Kingdoms have had to fight for trade control tooth and nail. Unda, with their superior and experienced Navy, have finally taken it past just defending what they know to be theirs. They have now begun invading the sparsely populated poles that Glacies claims and forcing their once brothers and sisters from homes to work below deck on ships, the most hated and dangerous jobs in the ocean. The Queen of the Collective Kingdoms of Unda, Amélie Durant, pushes her Navy to very corners of the oceans, searching and hunting down any exposed and unprotected Glacien while keeping a search for the Relic that will surely double their power and allow them to crush their traitors brothers and sisters.

Ruled by Halvar Gustafsson, Water Consular (NPC)
Nearly thirty years ago, Glacies finally split from the Collective Kingdoms of Unda and the tyrannical rule of the King to build a better world for their honest and hard working people. Already at the poles of the known world, the separation seemed natural. However, when working Glaciens tried to find their way back into the trade business they knew so well, this caused nothing short of a war of trade between themselves and the Collective Kingdoms of Unda. When Unda began attacking those villages on the coasts and even took over an entire set of islands Unda claimed to be "theirs" in the south, Glacies' King, Halvar Gustafsson, began the evacuation movement. Unda's Navy was too much for them to defend against on the coasts and moving inland was nearly impossible with the vast mountain ranges and think forests, and so the people of South Glacies began moving to the only place they felt they could -- Valetudo. Originally it was in peace as they looked for a safe haven with the Healers there and for the rumored Loners --for they would protect them with the Relic from Unda--, but as more and more people came, violence was inevitable and the people of Glacies fought for a home while their King watched in horror at his people's doings, powerless to stop the masses.

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Kingdom Plots
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