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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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The plots and creative work of the site are thanks to Delilah and Vulcan. The graphics and skin are custom made by Delilah for Carista.

The Panels were inspired by the staff system on Bloodrites.net

All written role play content belongs to the designated writer.

Carista is PG-13 with all M+ threads in forums only seen by 18+ year old members.


 Face Claim

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PostSubject: Face Claim   Face Claim I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2012 12:43 am

Face Claim

Last Updated: March 5th, 2013 -- Saeyer

    -A limit of three (3) claims per player at one time.
    -A claim is valid for no less than two weeks.
    -It is up to the player to update claims for accepted characters.
    -Submit all claims in code. ([*code] [*/code])
    -The form for a unaccepted character face claim is:
    [i][b]FACECLAIM[/b] -- claimed by PLAYERNAME, DATE[/i]
    -The form for an accepted character face claim is:
    [b]FACECLAIM[/b] -- CharacterName

Adriana Lima -- Dulce Lara-Carriedo
Anne Hathaway -- Ardent Davenport


Claire de Jong -- Stian Eld
Christian Bale -- Errol Booker

Damian Lewis -- Callum Wright
David Tennant -- Leslie Worthington

Eddie Redmayne -- Finnagan Collins
Ezra Miller -- Elias Durant


Garrett Hedlund -- Peter Dunnage


Ian Somerhalder -- claimed by Necrorose, March 5th 2013
Ines Sastres -- Belen Cardenas

Javier Bardem -- Ivan Cardenas
Jennifer Lawrence -- Noemi Ilda
Jonathan Rhys Meyers -- claimed by Delilah, 22 January 2013



Michael Fassbender -- Cillian Byrne
Milla Jovovich -- claimed by Artemis, 02-17-13

Nan Yu -- Katsue Hyuuga




Rachelle Lefevre -- Maya Fay
Rashida Jones -- Iris Ravelli
Rufus Sewell -- Ronan Cary


Tim Roth -- claimed by Lheage, 1/7/13
Timothy Olyphant -- Kelly Gray







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Carista Panel

Posts : 885
Total Experience Points : 203
Join date : 2012-07-24
Age : 29

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PostSubject: Re: Face Claim   Face Claim I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2013 1:56 pm

Remember -- if you use a PB, update them here. Unless they are on this list, they are not claimed.
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Face Claim
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